13 de enero de 2018

Some tweets on "Catholic Communities Online"

  1. In the network society, connection is a key factor of citizen's participation and in leader's capacity of response.
  2. The digital environment is transforming the way collaborative links are created, the ways communities are built and the way they communicate internally.
  3. The notion of citizenship has to be reconsidered in order to take into account the emergence of hybrid, multiple and nomadic identities.
  4. Technology is moving forward, from the simple sharing of items, to real dialogue.
  5. Dialoguing for solving problems is the art of the highest level of culture.
  6. Collaborative intelligence is connective intelligence + purpose.
  7. The truth which we long to share doesn't derive its worth from its "popularity" or from the amount of attention it receives.
  8. Creative use of religious communication eliminates some barriers in access to religious knowledge.
  9. Digital culture has become one of the chief contemporary means of distributing biblical texts and teachings.
Catholic Online Communities
Blanquerna Observatory
Barcelona 2015, 105 pp.
Eds.: Miriam Díez, Josep Maria CarbonellJosep Lluís Micó

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