23 de agosto de 2015

105 tweets on Communications Management (by Anne Gregory & Paul Willis)

This is a selection of 105 tweets from the book Strategic Public Relations Leadership, by Anne Gregory & Paul Willis (Routledge, Oxon 2013, 163 pages).

  1. Organisational narrative is the territory of public relations (p.3)
  2. Currently, to be a senior public relations practitioner requires leadership capability (p.5)
  3. There are four key roles for the public relations leader: the orienter, the navigator, the catalyst and the implementer (p.5)
  4. Organisations are not just economic units or collections of resources, but ‘actors’ in the social sphere. They help shape culture (p.7)
  5. In a network society an organisation is just one node in a network, not at the center because, by their nature, networks don't have centers (p.8)