10 de abril de 2018

100 tweets from "Battles about Values in the Culture Wars" (by Margaret Somerville)

This is a selection of 100 tweets from the book Bird on an Ethics Wire. Battles about Values in the Culture Wars (Margaret Somerville, McGill-Queen's University Press, Québec, 2015, 358 pp.)
  1. Experiencing amazement, wonder, and awe enriches our lives and can help us to find meaning, which is of the essence of being human, in a way that traditional philosophy alone cannot.
  2. We need to prepare the metaphorical soil in which the values we want to flourish can take root and grow.
  3. [We should] use reason as a “secondary verification process” to ensure that our decisions about values are wise and ethical. (I use “secondary” here in a chronological sense, not as indicating that reason is of secondary importance.)
  4. Effective informing requires abandoning “mystery and mastery” – the use of concepts and language that average people cannot understand – which is an exercise of control and exclusion of those not among the “chosen few” initiated to “mystery”.
  5. My response has been to ask them to judge me on the basis of the arguments I present and the ethical values I advance, rather than on the basis of what they think I may believe.